Jumaat, Jun 13, 2014

Apa dapat?

Cakap besar. Macam lawa?

Lawak. Bukan lawa.
Lame. Bukan lama.

In Nasi we still trust.

Sabtu, Jun 08, 2013

Damned and Mummified.

You are just a fucking slave.
Slave new world!
Bust your asses for shitty wage.
You’re fucking screwed!

“You fucking injured on the job? What a tough luck, motherfucker!”
Slave new world!
They’ll find someone else to fuck!
You’re fucking screwed!

And you die again tomorrow when you wake up!

Victory Orgasm Dictators.

This air is not safe to breathe no more.
My brain system that was built in its wrong.
They rape my mind.
They steal my soul.

I live in sadness.
I live in silence.

To another torturing that never ends.

Die Nothing.

Those fucked up regulations.
Destroy us and give birth to stupidity.
The killing of us, you and me and him and her
Fuck this shit, we are fucking blind.
Still we think we are so fucking smart

In this pathetic environment,
We were doomed from the start
Bullshits they spit infecting our mind
We are all going to die nothing.

Fucking die nothing!

"How much longer do we have, motherfuckers?"

Sabtu, Disember 08, 2012


"He comes at night when the moon is worshipped. He comes to take me to the abandoned land."

"We are locked under a curse."

"The only way out is..."


Khamis, September 06, 2012


"Side by side at the open grave, we dance."

"Deep inside, I want to see your existence erased."

"But everytime I think about it, I know that every soul got a right to live."